Pygorithm: A fun way to learn algorithms on the go! Just import the module and start learning, it’s that easy.

A Python module written in pure python and for purely educational purposes. Get the code, time complexities and much more by just importing the required algorithm. A good way to start learning Python programming. Learn implementation of all major algorithms in Python. No need to surf the internet to get the required code. Just install this module and get going.

Quick Start Guide

from pygorithm.sorting import bubble_sort

# This will print the code for bubble sort

my_list = [12, 4, 2, 14, 3, 7, 5]

# to sort the list
sorted_list = bubble_sort.sort(my_list)

Getting Started

  • For getting started, first download the package using Python package manager
pip3 install pygorithm
  • For Python 2, you can use pip instead.
  • Or you can download the source code from here, and then just install the package using
python install